Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Master Bedroom High Low Mix

Santa Fe is filled with treasures for the home. While the famed downtown plaza is full of all kinds of trinkets for cheap, I, of course, fell in love with the high-end home decor boutique, ACC. Sigh...

In order to off-set this chronically expensive taste, I did a little exploring on West Elm today. As luck would have it, my West Elm favorites just happen to go extraordinarily well with my ACC top picks...behold the bedroom I now covet.

Ahhhh...couldn't you see yourself snoozing away in this spa-like bedroom? Or do neutrals bore you to tears? I like my bedroom to feel like a sanctuary so a room like this suits my dozing just perfectly...

Speaking of dozing, did you know high altitudes can affect your sleep? In my case, living at 7,000 feet has caused a bit of insomnia. Guess who's ready to go home next week so she can REST! (Should I ship these pillows there so they can be there to greet me?)

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