Monday, September 17, 2012

Color Combo Love: Mint & Aqua

Is anyone else battling frigid morning temps and then sweating like a pig by lunchtime? While feeling a nip in the air is a thrill, getting dressed for it can be a bit challenging. Of course, none of us are ready to shift into full-on winter mode. That's why great color combos created from your favorite summertime palettes are key. A bright, lightweight knit becomes our best friend on days like these and an outdoorsy jacket lends that necessary extra layer to beat the morning and evening chill. 

Admittedly, some of these featured pieces did come home with me this weekend. J. Crew's barn jackets are on point this year and I happen to believe that this type of outerwear is just begging to be belted. The belt and flats in a shade of saddle is just rustic enough to pair well with the jacket while offering a bit of polish. 

As for the rest of this outfit, here's a tip: the sweater (above) is on sale online while full price in the store I popped into. No such luck on the jeans so I may shop around for a more affordable option. Mint jeans may seem like an odd purchase for fall but they should keep your winter neutrals feeling fresh while pairing fabulously with aqua making this combo just one of many color combo loves involving mint and aqua this fall...


  1. I got that jacket last year and it is my favorite! I ended up buying both colors because I loved it so much! It looks great with everything.

    1. YES! Glad to hear it has staying power. I'm wearing it today...couldn't resist!


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