Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wednesday's Look For Less: Fall Flats

Had you been in my office this morning, you would have heard me proclaim that I have no idea what day it is. All this traveling plus a holiday and being lost at all times has got me out of my sanity zone. However, at 6:40 p.m. Mountain Time, it has just now dawned on me that I had a Look for Less for you and it's Wednesday! 

How cute are these little flats? What do you officially call them- fall flats? Winter sandals? Only in the South, right?? 

The flats on the right are precious Loeffler Randalls that ring up at $225. Guess what- that's cheap for a pair of Loefflers. But the pair on the left I found on sale at Piperlime for $65. And they are by Joie! Granted, they are a bit summery with the espadrille sole but in what really cold weather could you actually wear the suede Loefflers anyway. (Don't even think about putting on socks unless they are super cute wool ones and you wear these with jeans or you are Alexa Chung.)

Have you seen any good looks for less lately? Or are you looking for something? Tell me about it!

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