Monday, April 9, 2012

Master Bedroom Mix

 via Pinterest

Happy Monday to you! I hope you all had nice, long weekends. We spent tons of time with family and friends and doing home improvements a-plenty. All of this house revamping got me thinking about redecorating...who am I kidding, I'm always thinking about redecorating! The pale, neutral color scheme and relaxed vibe of the bedroom above sent me on a search for products in order to recreate this soothing jewel of a room. 

Serena & Lily Coverlet and Quilt

The mix of earthy and glam, traditional and modern, earthy and beachy makes this room so appealing and interesting. The natural fibers and materials are what seem to link all of these elements- wooden bedside tables, benches and bed frame alongside cotton and silk fabrics and a jute rug. Of course, the abstract artwork, inverted sconces and geometric patterns add a modern twist to the more traditional benches, shams and tables.

Are you making over any rooms in your house? Does the change of season spawn a need for makeovers or is it just me??

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