Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Lesson in Leopard

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I have a hard time with animal print sometimes. Whenever I wear a leopard print, I automatically feel like a Kardashian and buxom bombshell isn't really my daytime scene.

That is why I love the photo above. The floaty white top and modestly cut shorts are just plain cute and not at all over-the-top sexy. The outfit takes the wild animal intimidation factor down a whole lot. 

This new lease on leopard now must be tested. Turns out, I actually like my animal print with a side of prep and with a few preppy touches, you can make these prints easily work for day.

Office Appropriate

Ladies Who Lunch

There are a few things to keep in mind when donning an animal print for day:

- Make sure your printed article of clothing is well tailored and modestly cut. That means skirts or tops that float away from the body (aka aren't tight), shorts that have a longer inseam (at LEAST 3" unless you are a tween) and jackets that are structured. 

- Pair your animal print with clean accessories. Fussy fringes or piles of bangles and necklaces send the look into Coachella territory, which is only okay if you are actually attending Coachella.

- Choose classic shoe brands and/or classic shoe cuts. A good looking flat or sophisticated sandal keeps your animal print ladylike. 

- You can never go wrong when adding a white or beige top to leopard shorts or skirts or white jeans or khakis with a leopard top or jacket. You CAN, however, approach Kardashian territory if you add black. Beware. 

That concludes today's lesson in leopard. Are you feeling the leopard love this year? Send me your pics and any more tips!


  1. Leopard scares me too, BUT my inner Kardashian really wants to wear it. I may start with some new wedges...

    1. Ohhhh I love me some leopard print shoes now...

  2. I just passed on my leopard maternity top to Trudy Routh! Haha, I will have to replace it with something a little more chic like these shorts! owow! <3

    1. Methinks a grand tradition has begun...


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