Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fit for an Azalea Festival Queen

The North Carolina Azalea Festival has commenced here in Wilmington! This festival is one of our city's biggest tourist attractions and a fun time for locals as well. People come from miles around to tour beautiful residential gardens, check out vendor carts downtown and maybe even attend a little garden party. Whether you'll be at the party at Airlie Gardens tomorrow or attending a derby event soon (like Mint Julep Jubilee!), here's one look that will carry you through the day with comfort, ease and STYLE.

The gardens in Wilmington are gorgeous and the attendees at these events will surely look just as wonderful. Viva les sundresses!!


  1. You looked amazing in this ensemble yesterday! I felt cute just standing next to you! :)

    1. You are too sweet. I had so much fun with you!! You looked fab, as always. xx


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