Monday, April 16, 2012

Color Inspiration: Coral

Move over pink. Take a hike turquoise. This summer, coral has taken OVER and you better watch out for this hot little color!

Daisies blooming in my front yard.

On Friday afternoon, we officially welcomed spring at the Azalea Festival's garden party and coral dresses were everywhere you turned. I'm not just saying that because I happened to be wearing the same color (and, luckily, did not find a dress twin at the event!) but the Pantone color of the year kin appeared fresh and optimistic for a new season sure to be full of warmth and fun. 

Don't have any coral in your closet? Don't worry! Here are a few options ranging from lipstick to loafers that are sure to boost your wardrobe into spring brightness. 

If you're not a fan of orange or prefer neutrals and pastels to bold colors, remember that it's easy to work coral into your wardrobe when paired with ivories, whites and peachy tones. Those softer shades let coral do all the work and counterbalance the loud color. 

If your wardrobe feels out of whack with an orange addition, try integrating it into your beauty regiment. Coral nails and lips are less intimidating than red but make your tan (fake tan in my case) really pop! 

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

So what do you think? Are you up for a coral addition in your beauty routine or closet?

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