Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Chic

Peter Cottontail is about to come hopping down that bunny trail. Are your whites ready for Easter Sunday? 

For a little outfit inspiration, we've turned to one of our favorite Southern belles, Mrs. Reese Witherspoon. Nobody does Easter chic better than this down-to-earth blonde beauty. It used to be that only little girls were given Easter dresses but Reese's sunny wardrobe makes me wonder why the ladies can't get a little springtime spruce too!

If you're like me and plan to make it a beachy, casual weekend with relatives, Reese's boho chic look from last Easter is the perfect place to start... 

via 25media

An easy, breezy dress paired with a cardigan and earth toned accessories makes for a look comfortable and versatile enough to go from sunrise service to Easter egg hunt.

But a church service in the city and fancy family brunch call for a little more polish. Reese wore this ladylike look for Easter in 2010.

via JustJared

If you've refused to wear white since Labor Day, Easter Sunday is the perfect time to break out your favorite white dress. With a little structure and gilded flashes, the little white dress becomes instantly modernized.

Do your plans entail dressing up this weekend? Or will you celebrate in a more casual fashion? Take a cue from Reese and keep your looks simple, clean and comfortable. 

Happy Easter!


  1. Good call Reese! Love both of her dresses and her classy style.

    1. And she used to be Jamie's babysitter!!!

  2. I was wondering if you could wear straight up white for Easter... good to know, good to know...


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