Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Look for Less: Max & Cleo

The recent Look for Less post got a huge amount of interest so I thought I'd do a little more perusing to see where we could pinch some more pennies. I could not BELIEVE the similarities between these two dresses... 

The Max & Cleo dress from Neiman Marcus above comes in at $168. The colors are beautiful and we're seeing maxi dresses all over the style blogs and mags. While we've certainly seen dresses that cost much more than $168, you cannot deny the uncanny similarities between it and its $40 Old Navy twin!

All of the key elements of the more expensive version exist here- a keyhole neckline, magenta and coral color schemes, a longer hemline and the effortless cut. For $120 in savings, I think I'd go with option B this time.

In the summertime, those of us in the South wear soooo many dresses. It's nice to know that there are good-looking, affordable options out there so that we don't break the bank every time we want to add to our closet collection!

So which one would you choose? 

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