Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Elevating Your Cheap Curtains

 Way back in the day, I was whining about considering the many options for redecorating my dining room. The process has been long delayed but I think I'm FINALLY ready to get moving on it...starting with my first must-have: gorgeous drapery hardware. 

My to-be-tested philosophy revolves around installing nice hardware to elevate (literally and metaphorically) cheap, readymade drapes. In my case, I'm specifically interested in glamorous lucite hardware. When you have a room that might not be feel larger than a shoebox, making the area feel larger can be paramount. Lucite chairs, lamps and tables act as functional pieces without visually taking up space in the room. Plus, they're just plain fun. So all of the above applies to drapery hardware. Bulky and dark wooden hardware can look drab or heavy in a small room. Lucite hardware brings functionality, glamour and interest without weighing down the space. 

I love all of the fabulous drapery hardware in the photos below. And none of the drapes appear to be any sort of crazy expensive fabric or customizable size. Can I hear it for curtains available at Target and Pottery Barn?! 

 via DecorPad

via DesignReduxx 

via House of Wentworth
(Most glam nursery I've ever seen!)

Upon further research, I found that a great many styles of lucite hardware exist today. You can get traditional shapes and widths like the first photo or go a little sleeker and erase the need for a finial, as in the second photo. Which type would you choose? 

Plexi-Craft hardware via House of Wentworth

via DC Design Coop

via The Paris Apartment

So what drapes do we hang once we've selected the hardware? Flax linen is practical and feels cozy. Blue silk brings Parisian glam and yellow cotton adds cheer and warmth. (I vote for yellow but that's just me.) 

 all drapery images via Pottery Barn

As the curtains come together, I'll be sure to share results with you. But if you have any tips, please send them to me before I screw it all up! Happy curtain hanging! 

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