Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Young Woman Who Lives in Her Shoes (That She Doesn't Own Yet)

via Butter Hot Fashion

Today I bring you the story of the young woman who lived in her shoes. It's not the time-honored fairy tale that you heard as a child.

It's the truth.

The young woman gets dressed for work every day. She tends to wear the same daily "uniform"- dark pants/jeans, effortless and casual (yet interesting!) top, same old shoes. One day the girl realized that her whole closet might just transform with the click of just one (to four) pair(s) of magical shoes.

First, she chose the Valentino Rock Star Stud pumps. These shoes would ramp up her black skinnies plus any old top with the fasten of two buckles. And the hotness of them paired with a denim skirt or tailored dress could never be denied.
Valentino heel via Shoe Daydream

Next, a pair of Rag & Bone oxfords for when she's feeling more relaxed would do the trick. They're comfortable and chic when worn with short, floral dresses and/or cut-off denim shorts. Of course, paired with boyfriend jeans, their tomboyish appeal would fabulously counteract a feminine top.

via Hampden Clothing

Of course, her wide leg trousers and jeans can't be left on the shelf, so a pair of Loeffler Randall Deena Peep-Toe Wedges keep her closet and her steps in balance. Anchoring a girlie dress would also come easy to such a perfect pair. And, come cold weather, a pair of opaque tights with a bandage skirt and silk top would make for an easy girls-night-out look.
via Loeffler Randall

But this girl's no diva, and she knows how to get down to earth. I present to you the Heffner-esque Blaise Flat Mocassins. With a pair of leather shorts and a white oxford top, her co-workers won't see her style power coming. And they're a great alternative to her Valentino studs when paired with dark skinnies for a Parisian chic look. She'll be tiptoeing so effortlessly, her powerful outlook on life will change the world.

via Loeffler Randall

The moral of this story, dear readers, is that a girl truly does live in her shoes. Our boots were made for walkin and those boots carry us through our lives. These four pairs, I've determined, will carry me effortlessly all year long. The ebb and flow of tribulations and relaxations will come steadily but having a fab pair of shoes on sure does make it easier to wade those waters.

(BTW- I would never suggest wearing ANY of these shoes in any type of water- that's what rain boots are for. ;0)


  1. Hey!! Completely forgot that I hadn't replied to your comment on my blog - sorry! I don't do custom at this point as it would just be too much to take on in addition to my regular collection, but I will have sleeveless shirts (think Georgina dress in shirt form) for 2012. They are fab-u-lous!!! So hang tight until then and I think you will be able to find something perfect for that Lela Rose skirt :)

  2. Thanks, Sheridan!! I'll look forward to 2012!


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