Wednesday, June 15, 2011


via Eddie Ross

It's been quite a while since I did a decorating post. Hopefully you'll find that this story was worth the wait!

I've officially reached obsession-ville with a fabric and the deed must finally be done.

In case you haven't met before, I'd like to introduce you to Quadrille's Kazak fabric, specifically in the Orange and Pink colorway...This stunningly bold yet traditional print is most certainly a favorite among all the top-notch designers- Mary McDonald, Hannah Childs and Eddie Ross have all featured this fabric in their designs, just to mention a few.

Hannah Childs design via Quadrille Fabrics

via Eddie Ross

Officially, this fabric first came into my life when I bought my house and Domino: The Book of Decorating three years ago. I was wholeheartedly obsessed with ikats and silks and adored the Quadrille web site. Due to budgetary constraints, Fabricadabra's pink ikat pillows had to tie me over and I made do for the time being...

Fast forward to last summer when Eddie Ross featured the tablescape above on his blog. I LOVE the way the pattern mixes with other delicate designs and the bright turquoise. That is exactly the mix that my house has been moving toward recently. Then, Mary McDonald featured the fabric, along with others that make my heart skip a beat, in House Beautiful and the blogosphere went wild.

A year has passed since those fateful days and, yet, today I find myself in the familiar place of blissful lust again. Yesterday I began envisioning my own living room with this pattern on my sofa or on a chair. Maybe a throw pillow would do? But could this gorgeous textile survive my casual, feet-on-the-furniture living room. Would I constantly stress about stains and paws and dirt and the like?

Today, the fabric magically reappeared on one of my favorite blogs, The Southern Eclectic, and I went wild- CURTAINS! Curtains are the answer! With two huge dogs and a tiny house, Kazak on my sofa would surely be destroyed. But beautiful, bold curtains would pack a punch with less fabric and less worry.

via Sheridan French

With the addition of this fabric, I think I'll FINALLY be able to marry my orange chair, pink ottoman and turquoise desk/tv stand with just the hang of a drape. I'm awaiting my quote as we speak so stay tuned...hopefully I'll have my own living room photos to post in the future...

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