Monday, June 27, 2011

Celine On the Sunny Side

via Purse Blog

Recently, I met Celine over at my favorite swoon-worthy shop of all time, Vermillion. Let me tell you, to know Celine is to love her. "Her" bags and pre-fall apparel had been sprinkled throughout the store- luscious leathers and fluttering silks decorated the shelves and racks. So much goodness had filtered in, courtesy of this on Parisian chic design house.

But what really caught my eye were the Celine sunglasses- no pun intended.

Black cat eye sunnies, like the ones above, quickly became my love. Put these babies on and the glam/cool factor instantly increases at an exponential rate. You could just as easily be walking up the stairs of Montmartre as you could be driving in your 4Runner on I-40 E. Le sigh...

via Purse Blog

The tortoiseshell versions (above) are just as gorgeous, in my humble opinion, but, personally, I prefer the black as they're a little more francais. I like that they're almost RayBan aviators but just angular and repositioned enough to make them way sassier and completely unlike anything my guy friends would wear. Sorry my shades are cooler than yours, fellas.

Celine Oversized Aviators via Purse Blog

Vermillion also hosted the ultimate masculine accessory for women, oversized aviators: pure-t badassness. For my round face, they're not so fab, but on someone with chiseled cheeks and a structured chin, they equal hotness.

Luckily, for the budget-conscience, sunglasses come in a wide variety of price ranges. You don't have to drop hundreds of bucks on one pair if you don't want to...

But a pair of Celine sunnies just might be worth it.

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