Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Prada Envy

via All the Pretty Birds

Nobody wears Prada better than Shala Monroque.


Whenever I want to recreate- rephrase- ATTEMPT to recreate Shala's personal style on a budget, I love to check in over at Anthropologie. Here's what I suggest if you want a little ladylike in your life, Shala-style:

1 brightly patterned, tailored shift:

Sweetpea Shift

+ 1 versatile, lightweight cardigan in a complimentary color:

Pulling It Together Sweater

+ 1 pair of your black, closed-toe pumps.

Add a casual layer of interest with a beaded necklace

Almond Tiers Necklace

Don't forget to add armfuls of bangles...

Warp Whirl Bangle

Swirled Earth BangleMixing Elements Bangle

Kente Bangle

Polish it off with your favorite flashy sunnies.

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