Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Fresh Coat of Paint

Remember when I said I'd be doing things around the house last weekend? When I typed that, I was merely considering painting a hallway in my house. But after feeling fully fed up with it on Thursday, I took Friday and Saturday to do this...

Hallway before...(words that come to mind are drab, boring, puke, blah)

Hallway After!! (Fresh, warm, inviting, cheerful, clean)

I used Valspar's Apricot Fluff in an eggshell finish to update my sad, drab hallway. This area is the first thing you see when you walk out of any of my bedrooms, and I felt like it needed to be spruced up. I wanted the first thing I saw in the mornings and last I saw before bed to be happy and hopeful. I think this pale, pale pinky-coral color achieves my goal of creating a welcoming space any time of the day.

I also painted all of the trim in the hallway, including the doors. A fresh coat of semi-gloss white paint really made the pink pop. And a note to anyone who owns an older home, ask whoever is mixing your paint to add a shot of B-12 to the can. It helps white paint from taking on a yellow tint, which can keep your paint looking newer longer.

Now my newly painted bookshelf has a more suitable home!

Now I think my things and I can all live in harmony. Of course, there is still the capiz shell chandelier to be hung, so stay tuned!!

But what to do about the rest of the house...hmmmmmmm...


  1. Gorgeous Linds! So fashionable and creative with your style, be it clothing or home decor. I'm jealous!

  2. Gee, thanks sistah! I'm glad you approve. It felt like a risky move, but I think it has paid off. Maybe I can find you some good house stuff for your place since Christmas is coming and all...:)

  3. Love the new color! Fantastic. Home renovations is on my list for the weekend....and a much needed haircut!


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