Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bookshelf Drab to Fab

***WARNING: The following pictures contain clutter. Organization obsessives be advised.

Though I try so hard to be organized, I allow clutter to pile up in certain corners here and there, now and then. My beau has been begging me to organize this bookshelf, and I knew he was right but didn't want to admit it. (Denial proves to be one aider of clutter-holics.) I finally caved in today and thought the progress should be documented.

My sweet aunt handed the bookshelf down to me. It's only about four feet tall and the entire piece folds up into one flat, packable unit. Nice! But it's drab wooden finish just didn't fit in to my abode.


During...better organized but still looking a little shy and sad.


Now, I know this is nothing out of Elle Decor, but I'm mighty proud of this little guy's makeover, so much so that I moved it into a whole new room where it can get the attention it deserves! I tried to select a color palette of sorts, mostly black and white with pops of coral. Of course, not everything fits into that category, but it did help me edit and make a more cohesive vignette. I spray painted the shelf with Valspar's High Gloss White Lacquer and bought the basket and geode (both on clearance!) at Homegoods. Everything else I repurposed from other rooms.

The rest of this room has some fun changes headed its way, with a new chandelier and possible new paint color. Here's a sneak peek of my newest home score, which I won in a giveaway from the classy blog The Well Appointed House!

Hopefully I can get someone to hang it for me later this week. I'll let you know how it all comes together!

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