Monday, August 2, 2010

A(mazing) Day in the Life

Rock Royalty in the Queen City

Anyone who's read this blog in the past two weeks knows how excited I was to see Paul McCartney last week. And let me tell you, the man did not disappoint! Far and away, it was the absolute best concert I have ever seen. He played a great mix of songs, old and new, as well as offered up a little Jimmy Hendrix "Foxy" teaser and a staggering FOUR encores- one while waving a North Carolina flag!!

A champagne toast to start off our night!

If you've read this blog ever, you also know how carefully I consider my apparel for various events and particularly my sister's and my outfits for this show! While we had a limited amount of time to actually get ready, I think we pulled off appropriate and comfortable looks for the night. But you be the judge!

First, B and I sent each other lists of items to bring, including a gray silk tank, black skinny jeans, a black silk blazer, festive clutches and metallic accessories...

Beince and my clothes unite. What to wear??!

Then, Beince and I decided we wanted to wear shorts and breathable fabrics on this 90-something-degree day. Plus, we knew we'd be embodying the words to Paul's own "Everybody's Gonna Dance Tonight." Our two closets combined to create two fun, festive and fashionable least I think so!

Me and Beince at our hotel before the show

More from our hotel room photo shoot

My sis wore her own gray silk tank with black shorts and my LA Made cotton wrap vest and Banana Republic chain necklace. ALSO she rocked a great pair of snakeskin Modern Vintage wooden heels. I chose to spring for those Phillip Lim leather shorts I'd been dreaming of (see Golden Zipper's post to fully understand my obsession) paired with a plain white tee but glammed up with a J. Crew sequin cardigan and rhinestone necklace. In proper rocker fashion, I wore my gray suede booties that proved to absolutely wreck my feet by the end of the night!!

B & Me in the same room as Sir Paul. UNBELIEVABLE!

While I had certainly sought style inspiration from Haute Hippie's Trish Wescoat Pound and the undeniable Kate Moss, it was fun to work with items that we already owned. It gave us a chance to be creative, collaborative and resourceful.

But far more importantly, sis and I shared the night of our lives! When we filled up our long summer days thirteen years ago with Beatles songs, biography, movies and trivia, we never dreamed we'd actually spend a fun summer night years later watching Paul McCartney together. I consider myself very lucky to have had the chance to experience such a memorable night alongside my little sister.

And we can't wait to Get Back (to another Sir Paul show, that is)!


  1. Get back Loretta!! Sad you didnt get a pic of the shoes, they both sound fab. Great outfit choices :)

  2. Thanks, May. We should have gotten a head to toe pic because Tyra would not approve of modeling only from the waist up.


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