Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Killing Me Softly

For a Bazaar photo shoot, stiletto-master Brian Atwood pummels Rachel Zoe with his own red design as Zoe wears a pair of his booties and a Derek Lam dress.

The brilliant team at Harper's Bazaar must be trying to give me and all of its loyal followers a heart attack. Their latest photo shoot with stylist/fashion goddess Rachel Zoe for the September issue just made my heart skip a beat with its glamour, brilliance and humor.

If you know Rachel Zoe, then you know she's just as synonymous with the high fashion world as she is with her catch phrase, "I die." As she tells Bazaar's Laura Brown, sometimes there just are no other words to capture her enthusiasm for an edgy Atwood pump or shimmering Marchesa gown.

To play off of her famous phrase, Bazaar came up with a death by fashion photo shoot featuring her with Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors and Vera Wang, just to name a few. Check out the beautiful photos and the humour with which Zoe and these designers pull it off!

Francisco Costa goes in for the kill on an unknowing Zoe.

Marc Jacobs find Zoe's personality "electrifying."

Buried alive by Michael Kors' own accessories.

This shot of Vera Wang and Zoe is no less that STUNNING!

With the high fashion world often coming across as serious and pretentious, Bazaar's photo shoot is a great reminder of how fun and silly it can be. As Zoe said herself in a Bazaar interview, keeping up the cool factor at a fashion show just doesn't work for her- she's far too excited and captivated to act unimpressed. These photos brilliantly convey not only Zoe's deep love of the sartorial but also the designers' willingness to play down their cool factor.

If the mecca of fashion publications, five top designers and (really) the one-and-only stylist to the stars can have fun with fashion, then why can't we?? Although I'll have to wait until I catch my breath from oogling over these photos.

Otherwise I just might pass out!

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