Friday, August 27, 2010

Decorating Wish List

I have secretly been plotting a furniture rearrangement of my own bedroom, and not so secretly wishing for new chairs and rugs for my living room and dining room, for weeks. Imagine my surprise when my beau started rearranging furniture in my guest room without even discussing it with me! Thankfully, he did a great job and I really liked the changes, so much so that I SUGGESTED we do the same to my bedroom that day. He agreed and we spruced the place up. YES!

The rooms' new layouts have inspired me to seriously evaluate what my house needs- either replacing old furniture, editing pieces, or maybe slapping on a new coat of paint. Here are some items that I just HAVE to have in my newly rearranged house...

Pair of turquoise chairs from Blue Hand Home's new private label "B Home"

These sleek and modern turquoise chairs with black wooden legs would be fabulous in my living room. I have navy upholstered arm chairs now, hand-me-downs from Mom and Dad, but the color is drab and weighs down the whole room. Something cheerful like this turquoise would really give the room a pop!

Gold Branch End Table at Blue Hand Home

Gilded extras are always attractive to me. This gold end table from Blue Hand Home is a great size, allowing us to move it around wherever we see fit- a bad habit we have. The broken-in leather chair is also a great staple item. Not sure it goes with my living room's theme though...

Louis Lucite Ghost Chair

Also, I'm a big fan of Louis ghost chairs. They are so much fun! I think it would be so interesting to pair it with an antique wooden desk. Of course, a pair can make itself at home anywhere from a dining room to a bedroom!

Leopard Print Rug Inspiration

This glamorous bedroom is yet another inspiration for me. I LOVE the leopard print carpet and NEVER thought I would say that. But it adds such an interesting bit of neutral pattern to the luxurious room. You'd certainly have to stay away from bright colors or bold prints if you wanted to keep the bedroom serene. But powder blue unexpectedly partners well with leopard print. Of course, I'll take the chandelier too.

I plan to make a new upholstered headboard in the next six months or so. This headboard here is the look I'm going for- neutral, square, simple. For my room, I may veer toward the grays a bit more, but a leopard print rug would offer a fun base to a neutral headboard like this one...

Speaking of headboards...
Serena & Lily Fillmore Bed with Nailheads

Serena & Lily fabrics have so much character. I always think of them as designing for children but as I browsed their website this morning, I found some great patterns. This Fillmore Bed covered with Fog Diamond fabric is fun and chic without be overwhelming. While I'm not sure I can spring for this bed, I could definitely spring for the fabric and make my headboard out of it! But the leopard print rug would not do with a pattern like this one. I would have to choose one or the other.

Serena & Lily Amagansett Chair in Covered Bark Jaipur Fabric

The fabric on this chair would also make for a beautiful headboard. Damask is so elegant and classic and the color palette is very calming. I'm definitely going for serenity in my master bedroom! So glad I perused the Serena & Lily website for inspiration today.

Looks like I have some work to do!! If you have any suggestions or comments, please send them my way!


  1. oh i want my whole house in cozy serena & lily!

  2. Wow - all beautiful! That's awesome the Geoff wanted to pitch in on the decorating. Those blue chairs are HOT. Love Lucite too, but it would not look right in my home.

    When you have more time in ATL, we need to check out this store for home goodness: I pass by the windows and drool.

  3. I am a sucker for powder blue bedroom decor. It is such a relaxing color. I love the serena & lily headboard. Maybe we should purchase together then share. Sike. I can see a ghost chair fitting right in at your house for some reason. Why is everyone in the emmy post so bronzey tan? I loved Keri Russell's look! But my vote goes to Claire Danes. She was glam!!


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