Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Weekender

Yesterday's fixation revolved around a fantastic trip to the French Riviera. Maybe it was a sign from God (maybe not!) but today I discovered the most adorable and functional weekender bag. Okay, so maybe we'll need more than a tote for a transatlantic flight but for all those shorter, more realistic trips, this bag turns out to be just about perfect! 

Meet the weekender from Kate Spade Saturday. I know, at first site, it's not exactly eye candy. It looks like something straight out of L.L. Bean (which I also happen to adore for the appropriate moments). However, Saturday lets its customers customize their bags. Say what?? 

First, you select the color of the bag's body. I chose black and white stripes. (Duh.)

But my practical side said, "Wait, a light colored base will show every inch of dirt." Well guess what...

Oh yeah, you can change that, yeah! Need to have matching straps too? No problem.

You even get to select the color of the pocket and for $10 more, you can add a monogram. Stop it. My customized, truly unique, finished product? 

Adorable! And functional! Don't you love the separate space on the bottom of the bag. Hello shoes and dirty clothes. 

I will say that considering Saturday is supposed to be an affordable line, I was surprised this bag cost $300. So stay tuned for a discount code in the future. Saturday recently offered 25% off and I feel confident they will have more deals over the summer. 

How would you customize yours?

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