Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wednesday's Look For Less: Panama Hat

image via Pinterest

About two years ago, I worked on a little show called "Eastbound and Down" where some of the crew had been shooting in Puerto Rico and then joined us here in North Carolina to finish the season. My art director came to town with the most awesome Panama hat and later forgot he had left it in the office. Did I wear it for a week before reminding him about it? Maybe. Then last year, I almost sprang for one at J. Crew to wear to a Derby party but, in the end, talked myself out of it. Being charmed by the Panama hat twice now has made my obsession official. 

Not only are they practical (helloooo UV protection) but they also look super stylish. We've seen celebs wear them from the airport to the sidewalks. Their Panama hats go everywhere from pushing strollers on a sunny day to sunbathing yacht-side on the Mediterranean. Call these hats classic or call them trendy, but their popularity has yielded affordable prices and easy accessibility. 

The two options above look nearly identical. The hat on the left from Free People is $38 while the J. Crew hat on the right rings up for $20 more. I have to say, though, the J. Crew hat appears to be a bit more structured. But it's all about fit. In the end, you have to go with the hat that is the most comfortable and the best size for you. Otherwise you end up looking like that kid at the end of "Big" when Tom Hanks has reversed his wish.

Will you join me in the quest for chic sun protection by way of the Panama hat? 

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