Thursday, May 2, 2013

Derby Day Essentials

Some say summer officially kicks off with Memorial Day. To me, summer begins on Derby Day when I pull on a bright sundress, hold a mint julep in one hand and fist pump for my favorite filly with the other.

This Saturday, racehorses and jockeys will take their posts at the Kentucky Derby. Every year, our Junior League hosts the Mint Julep Jubilee in honor of the Run for the Roses. Of course this year, I have to work. No fun dress for me, no big hat, no betting on the race...maybe still a mint julep's a tradition, as you can see.




That was fun. (You asked for more street style pics!)

By now, you may have picked out your favorite dress and horse but what about the rest? Check out a few essentials you don't want to forget.

Having fun on Derby Day is all about being functional while still fashionable. You may think a hat looks silly on your head but when you're standing in the bright afternoon sun for four hours, you're going to be glad you have one. (I speak from my feather headband experience.) A mint julep is a festive cocktail but make sure you have it in a glass that can handle the bulky mix of ice and mint. No puny wine or martini glass can help you today. Finally, while this day feels like a fashion event to me, the guys consider it a sporting event. Make sure they are up to snuff with a colorful tie.

Have a fabulous time this weekend!

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