Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wednesday's Look For Less: Striped Blazers

There's not much more refreshing than stripes in the summer except for maybe an ice cold lemonade or a quick dip in the ocean. Dressing for the workplace or a more conservative environment in the summer can be a bit of a challenge. You still want to feel footloose and fancy free but you need to cover up. Welcome to the world of the striped blazer. It's nautical, Parisian-chic, preppy, classic, all of the above. Both versions below are cotton- KEY in the hot summer months. Can you tell which costs more? 

The jacket on the right is a budget buy from Gap for $69.95. Not bad for a blazer! The option on the left from J. Crew, currently on sale, rings up at $168. Personally, I like the horizontal stripes on the Gap jacket better. What about you? 

Regardless of whether you spend or save, the striped blazer will add sophistication to a chambray top and navy shorts or will polish up a breezy floral skirt and solid tee. Could you work one into your wardrobe this summer?


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