Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Nest of a Dove (Gray)

London bedroom of jewelry designer Fruszina Keehn

In November of 2006, Elle Decor featured the sumptuous and serene London bedroom of jewelry designer Fruszina Keehn.

In 2009, my boyfriend sweetly gave me the Bible of interior decorating- Style and Substance: The Best of Elle Decor, which featured the above bedroom.

Today, I decided this bedroom had to be mine!

I love this room! How could you not sleep like an angel drifting on a cloud in this gilded yet grounded bedroom? It's the perfect mix of calming and stimulating, with dove gray walls and silk taffeta curtains, gilded antique mirrors, and a lacquered wooden console table. I love the whole mix.

Fruzsina Keehn collaborated with designer Alex Papachristidis to create this wonderful space. Much to my surprise, however, another of my favorite rooms is also in her London flat AND was decorated by Papachristidis!

Keehn's Parlor in collaboration with Papachristidis

I'm sure you can guess why I love this room. Number One- zebra rug. LOVE it. Number Two- gilded accessories. Number Three- the cool gray motif junxtaposed with warm brown wooden chairs.

Keehn and Papachristidis also created this unexpected spot in her London home.

Yet another Papachristidis and Keehn collaboration in her London home

I have never been so excited about lamps in all my life! The purple lacquered lampshades are such a creative way to energize (and glamourize) this space. And is anyone with me when I say good looking, affordable lamps are hard to find? Plus, the tassels hanging from the drawer keys add such a thoughtful detail, and I love me a good tassel.

But back to the bedroom. How am I going to achieve this gorgeous look at home?

I found this paint color for the walls and this fabric for the two x-benches at the foot of the bed.

Martha Stewart paint color in Zinc and zebra striped fabric from Printer's Alley

I think I would cover these benches with the zebra fabric.

X-Bench from Ballard Design

And while I plan to make a headboard, this bed is my inspiration, also from Ballard Design.

Camden Untufted Bed

Now to find the white linens (most likely Private Quarters!) and gilded accessories. Like I've said before, after I redecorate my room, I'll probably be too excited to sleep! Maybe I'll resort to counting sheep...skin rugs...

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