Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sweetly Ever After...

The cake table at Cacky & Eamonn's wedding

Last weekend, I attended the fabulous wedding of one of my dearest friends, Cacky Allen. This precious Southern princess married sweet, doting, adorable (I could go on...) Eamonn Higgins. Besides being a great friend and person, Cacks is a wonderful event planner! I knew her wedding would be creatively styled with every imaginable detail! But I was pleasantly surprised and inspired by some of her amazing ideas...

The bridesmaid luncheon, hosted by Cacky's "second mom" Mrs. Foscue, was entirely Lilly-themed. A Lilly Pulitzer maxi dress complete with pink hat and sandals greeted us at the door...

"Greeter" decked in Lilly Pulitzer at the Bridesmaid Luncheon

The room was decked entirely in Lilly decor- pink and green pom-poms, patterned paper rings around the chandelier, pink and green flowers, Lilly tablecloths, napkins, and RIBBONS...shall I say, To The Nines?? Even Cacky, her mom, and the hostess wore Lilly for the kick-off to the special weekend...

The Room Dressed in Lilly

The Bride with Her Momma

White peonies and pink hydrangeas

Polka Dotted Cake, Complete with Old English Symbols (I pulled the cross, a symbol for a peaceful life. THANKS BE TO GOD!)

All the bridesmaids with Mrs. Foscue, in the pink hat, and Cacky, to her right.

Later that evening, after a wedding rehearsal complete with communion, we headed over to an amazing new furniture showroom called The Factory. The entire interior was made out of light wood and exposed beams. I should have taken more pictures inside!! Eamonn's brother played amazing jazz music with his band as we toasted to the almost newlywed-couple. I was mesmerized by the giant water tower in the middle of the courtyard!

Mid-Courtyard Water Tower

Eamonn and Cacky

Cacky dances with her father (lots of red water tower beams)

Happy couple

Saturday morning, we attended a brunch at one of Cacky's family friend's houses in High Point. The whole setting was lovely- tall trees shading (almost) every inch of the yard, a beautiful French-chateau-style house on a hill, and precious white boxes tied with green ribbons containing fried chicken! (I don't eat chicken, but it was a genius idea for anyone who was hurting from the night before!)

Gorgeous front door- the face carved above the door is the original homeowners' daughter when she was a little girl. Apparently it is an old French tradition to carve a child's face above your front door. Today, her children and grandchildren live in the house still!

Boxed Lunches

It was finally time for the wedding, and Cacky lives one block from her church. We bridesmaids met at Cacky's house as her mother and mother's best lady friends gathered around to help Cacky get ready. We took great pictures on the shaded front porch and in their gorgeous living room, and then we paraded down the block.

Father and Mother of the Bride

Cacky's bridesmaids: Sara, Brenning, me, Adair, Emily, Lindsey...missing our third Lindsey!

Bridal party parades down the street to the church.

Cacky had a genius idea for her wedding bouquet, a single magnolia bloom!

Gorgeous Cacky getting ready to walk down the aisle...

Coral peonies for the bridesmaids' bouquets

Cacky's pink shoes!!

Cacks laughs with her matron of honor

Front doors of Saint Mary's Episcopal Church

The ceremony was flawless. Afterward, we proceeded to downtown High Point for one heck of a reception. There was a rockin' band, delicious food, friendly guests, and, of course, mini-doughnuts and a doughnut tree! Yes, a tree of doughnuts...just look and see!

Door to the reception- "H" for "Higgins!"

(Cup) Cake table

AMAZING arrangement around the chandelier!

Inside the reception

Centerpieces- very organic, architectural but still feminine with the roses, hydrangeas, and votive candles dangling elegantly from the edges

Mini-doughnuts served on silver platters next to the doughnut tree

Cacky and Eamonn drove off into the night in Eamonn's suped up 1980-something blue Volvo. Eamonn revved the engine loudly about five times, showing off his months of hard work, before he peeled down the street, leaving us with the smell of burning rubber and sounds of jubilation. The Higgins may not have been riding in a horse and carriage, but they'll still live sweetly ever after...


  1. Your posts always come full circle. I love them! Cacks has some good taste. Love the magnolia bloom and peonies.

  2. The magnolia and peonies really were fab. Everyone kept asking us about our bouquets. Then Cacky MADE me catch the bouquet when she threw it...haha! At least I got to keep one!

  3. Love the Blog entry. You better come visit us when we have some rooms complete!


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