Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Closet Freak

Do you remember the revolving closet in "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun?" Natalie Sands stood before it with her remote control clicking disapprovingly through endless racks of clothes and defiantly claimed, "Decisions are the worst!"

That tiny bit of cinema magic is when I fell in love with the elusive power closet. I had vivid dreams at night about color coding, itemizing and organizing a fashionable and endless supply of clothes in a room of all to their own.

This love was only deepened during "Clueless" when Cher used her technologically advance computer screen to "pick out her school clothes."

"Clueless" Power Dressing

While the articles of clothing and trends that might determine the ultimate power closet have changed since the 80s and 90s, the quest for this beautiful space worthy of elegant dressing still exists in my mind. Celebrities and movie characters alike continue to have wonderful closets or dressing rooms, and I am inspired by the spaces.

Elle Decor featured Nanette Lepore's glamorous dressing space in not only one of their issues but also in their book Elle Decor Style and Substance. The dangling crystal chandelier, the mirrored chest and the luxuriously covered ottoman make picking out one's outfit for the day a visit to a world of ladylike elegance. Can you imagine picking out your clothes every day in this room?? Le sigh...

Nanette Lepore's Dressing Room as featured in Elle Decor

I love the modern lucite and sexy leopard junxtaposed with a traditionally patterned rug and priceless oil painting.

But it's nice to also feel cozy and surrounded by familiar favorites. Insert Carrie's old closet as seen in the recently released "Sex and the City 2."

Carrie's Closet in her Old Apartment, Sex and the City 2

A transformed hallway like this one is much more attainable for someone like me than an entire dressing room. Being able to see each and every piece is the key to Carrie's space. It's easier to get dressed when you can really see what you own. No smoke and mirrors (literally!) there.

Carrie and Big's Closet in the Couple's Apartment, Sex and the City 2

Carrie and Big grow up and into a bigger space since they've been married for two years. Their closet, also featured in "Sex in the City 2," equally considers the husband, with its dark wood, sharp edges and deep drawer space, and the wife, with white wash, rounded corners and space for gowns and stilettos.

Olivia Wilde in her dressing room as featured in Elle Decor

Another mirrored chest-lover is Olivia Wilde. Her dressing room is such an eclectic mix of pieces where masculine meets feminine- a shag rug, Venetian mirror, dark hardwoods and outdoor-inducing wallpaper. Her space shows a lot of personality. I wouldn't feel as bad putting on my gym clothes in here as I would in Nanette's space...But still, every piece is easy to see and select, making dressing a breeze.

Finally, if you don't have a hallway or entire room to spare just for donning yourself, consider marrying fashion and function. An office can easily share space with ostrich skin purses with the addition of a few shelves or a clothing rack.

From Elle Decor

This picture inspired me to start showing off my clothes almost like art rather than shoving them in a dark hole in my bedroom. The maxi dress, zebra skin rug and gilded desk remind us that work and dressing can be fun if you just let it. Play with your space and see what an interesting environment can do to your wardrobe!

After all, girls just wanna have fun.


  1. Love Olivia Wilde's closet. That makes me want to purge the randos in my closet right now and simplify!! {And buy good hangers}...and YES I remembered Cher's closet and I went home after I watched Clueless and put on an old ballet tutu and tshirt and told my mom it was "trendy" hahaha

  2. I would like you to come make over my closet / wardrobe - give me a lot of lbs. to go then I am in need of some inspiration!

  3. You get all healed up, and then we can make over all you want!

  4. "Le sigh"...I LOVE it.

    I have always had this dream of standing in my own huge walk-in closet in some crazy, one-of-a-kind gown sort of like that Olivia Wilde pic. This is such a creative post, Linds. I love it!


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