Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Calypso Eclipse-o

It is EXTREMELY hot in Wilmington today. The temperature is 95 degrees and the heat index is something like 103 even though we're by the ocean! WHEW! Days like this make me want to sip cool raspberry tea while wearing lightweight, diaphanous clothing, preferably in cool, beachy brights or smokey neutral tones...

Calypso St. Barth

Enter Calypso. I instantly feel refreshed!

Calypso and I first met on a family trip to Palm Beach, Florida. We hit Worth Avenue and were instantly taken by the vast rainbow of punchy and pale colors hanging crisply side-by-side. But as a 21-year-old college kid attempting to live a student-meets-party-girl lifestyle, the gauzy tunics and soft scarves weren't exactly up to my Seven-jeans-with-stilettos standards. (Gosh, remember when jeans with heels were considered groundbreaking??)

Now, six years later, my post-college lifestyle in a beach town absolutely begs for a Calypso wardrobe. If I was daydreaming on this sweltering day, I'd wear...

Tawny Dress styled with Lupe Cardie and Suede Belt

This flawless combo to work with either gold Jack Rogers or my nude Tory Burch flats. I'm always freezing inside at work, so the cardigan is a must. Yet it's easily removable to reveal a crisp and easy dress when I'm running around town.

When I got home, I'd throw on...

Cosia Parrot Print Top with Khaki Cutoffs

This flattering, printed top with comfy boyfriend style shorts, the perfect combination for throwing the ball for Penny, watering flowers, cooking dinner and running last minute to the grocery store for something I forgot to buy in order to cook dinner. Oh, and the top also could be more dressed up with the latest trendy cargo pants, white jeans, a denim skirt, etc.

If I just happened to have some free time to go to the beach/get a pedicure/meet a friend for lunch, this would be the perfect all-around comfortable yet appropriate attire...

Calypso's Rope Tunic

The Rope Tunic is so versatile, you could wear it to all your staple summer events: a backyard cook-out, pool party, touring the Amalfi Coast...sorry, daydream drifted away from me.

But the variety of ways and places you can wear these gorgeous pieces is what thrills me about Calypso!

Dale Shirt

Pull the Dale Shirt on over leggings so you can travel to yoga in style. Wear it over a bikini on the beach with your girlfriends. OR cinch it with a belt (Suede Belt again?!) and a pair of worn-in jeans.

Of course, Calypso also makes some really beautiful silky dresses. It just so happens I am too hot to wear silk right now, but here a few for you to enjoy...

Calypso Pazzi Dress (so cute with a belt too!)

Julia Dress (Can also be tied as a simple wrap dress)

Shireen Dress

Last but certainly not least, I just had to show you one of Calypso's new jumpsuits. At first, I cringed a little bit at the site of this playful get-up. But something about the one-shoulder, wide legs and fun print just make me happy!

Mandala Jumpsuit

I'm not sure exactly who can pull this off, but I suppose if you're daydreaming, anyone can...


  1. Hello, Carrie Bradshaw. I didn't realize you had a blog! This is fantastic. Makes me want to join your Amalfi-coast-daydream. xo

  2. I think Calypso is the MASTER of chic resort wear. Their website always offers great sales and promos as well. You've just inspired me to go check what is one sale right now!


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