Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Creating Your Tribe

Strong-willed fashion rep and self-proclaimed "power girl" Kelly Cutrone discussed in her new book the importance of building a strong tribe. In case you haven't picked up your copy of If You Have To Cry, Go Outside: And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You, she defines a tribe as like-minded individuals who you turn to for different kinds of support- spiritual, professional, personal, etc.

HarperCollins Publishers

Personally, I'd like to claim Cutrone as one of my tribe members, even if it is in absentia. Her advice in her book has been nothing short of an inspiration to me as I've slipped into a new career. She empowers women (and men!) to be strong and stay true to themselves in the face of judgement and negativity, not to mention encouraging readers to never settle for less than exactly what you want, a lesson my mother has instilled in me since I was a little girl. We ladies have to stop being OVERLY polite and sweet and stick up for ourselves! (Be it on the tennis court- "You're right. Your shot was in. Sorry I called it out..."- or in the boardroom- props to Miranda in SATC II for putting that senior partner in his place!)

So it is with great pride and excitement that my inaugural post revolves on the inspirational and brutally honest Kelly Cutrone. If any of my tribe members out there ever find me veering toward the direction of b.s. or dishonesty on this blog, I expect you to pull a Cutrone on me and put me back in my place. Until then, please enjoy the various sources of sartorial inspiration I find in the world. I hope they will serve as inspiration (or at least entertainment) to you along the way. And can we just take a moment to observe how stunning Miranda looks in raspberry?!


  1. Lovely first post. I am planning on blogging about Kelly Cutrone's list of things not to wear to the office on my other blog, southernandsocial.wordpress.com. I love the idea of a tribe and have a great group of counselors. So blessed!

  2. Thanks, Beince! I didn't even know you had a second blog!

  3. You are by far my greatest friend with flair! Love you and the blog! Cannot wait to read.


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