Thursday, June 17, 2010

Razzle Dazzle 'Em

I want to paint ONE wall in my house (or even HALF of one wall) this color...

House Beautiful

How fun is that??

The color is Benjamin Moore's Razzle Dazzle and was featured in House Beautiful in July of 2009. It's so bright, cheerful, peppy, opulent, invigorating...I could go on. I love it paired with the gilded furniture and accessories, crsip white wood and lacquered black steps.

But it's also quite feminine and bright. And Geoff is scared.

As he warms up to the idea, I'll be pondering a wall for this gorgeous gem of a color. Living Room/Entryway? My awkward Alcove/Foyer area? Somewhere in the Dining Room? If I thought I could sleep at night, I'd paint the bedroom wall my headboard is against.

I'd just be too excited to fall asleep at night!


  1. Don't you have wainscotting in your bathroom? Paint the top part Razzle Dazzle and do a black & white tile floor (or do you already have that too??) I cannot remember. Then hang cute white -n- black towels/shower curtain. I love it! (Sorry Geoff!)

  2. Yes, I have THOUGHT about that...the tile is already black and white, you're right. I have coral curtains in there now that I made and would have to get rid of those. If I find fun black and white fabric, I might have to talk to you about making curtains...:)

  3. Love it, very suggy! Maybe go all out with the living room / entry way wall.

  4. Buy me some of this:
    And I'll sew them right up!!


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