Thursday, July 1, 2010

Parisian Chic, Italian Style

Liz Walker, director of p.r. for Tibi, wears Tibi's Garcon Stripe Draped Blazer and Leather Shorts.

On this busy, busy work day, I happened to steal a second away on Facebook only to find the absolute most perfect outfit for me, my job, and the next five months at least! Tibi posted this Pre-Fall look on their page as they showcased their trip to Milan. (No, I'm not jealous...) Liz Walker, Tibi's Director of Public Relations, sports the Garcon Stripe Draped Blazer and Leather Shorts from the Pre-Fall 2010 collection.

Photo of the duomo in Milan as posted on Tibi's Facebook profile

Until today, the verdict was still out on whether or not I liked leather shorts, especially in sweltering hot and humid North Carolina. Were they really practical? BUT I realized (as I'm wearing black skinny jeans on July 1) that I'm not ALWAYS outside. In fact, five days a week, I'm inside, blasted by freezing air conditioning. This stylish, beautifully tailored jacket is perfect for slipping on in the office and off once I start running around town. The shorts are long enough to be appropriate for my casual work place but still edgy enough to be intriguing. Outside of work, you could still mix these two pieces in with other staples to make one fashion forward outfit.

What do you think? The jacket is a must, right? Leather shorts for summer?

(And do I even need to mention how easily this entire ensemble will transition into fall??)


  1. I don't know how much I love those shorts...but I adore the jacket. Maybe if they were shorter or had a little less volume, I'd come around to them. But I think they'd bring attention to my "problem area" (a.k.a. butt and thighs)!

  2. I mean these shorts are to die for...but you know we share this love


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