Monday, July 26, 2010

Blouse Renovations: Part Two

Eureka! The PERFECT transitional blouse! I am so excited to have found this top, the EmersonMade Silk Ribbons Blouse, thanks to a blog I have been following...

Styled for Work

Styled for Play

This top will be great now tucked into my white cotton wrap skirt and coral slingback heels- channeling that 1950s glamour that's apparently all the rage for fall- but will be equally as fun and even more functional tucked into high waisted jeans and booties for fall, as seen in the second picture above.

As for the blouse's designer, Emerson, the blogosphere has been blowing up about her and her husband's endeavors! Emerson started out hand stitching floral accessories to wear as pins and other accessories in NYC. After she and her husband married, they moved to the countryside and expanded the business, which now offers home accessories and apparel for pre-order.

Check out EmersonMade for more information or to pre-order this stylish top!!


  1. I immediately thought of your high-waisted MiH jeans when I saw this post! Can't wait to borrow those suckers when it's not so hot!

  2. Haha- me too! Didn't hurt that I happened to be WEARING them TODAY!


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