Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Visiting the Man on the Flaming Pie

Well, shake it up baby!!

My sister and I are checking off an item on our bucket list in just 16 days...We're meeting each other in Charlotte to see one of our favorite and most idolized musicians, PAUL MCCARTNEY! AH!

I'm so, so, soooo excited. While I'm supposed to be working, all I can think about is one request from my sister: choose an outfit worthy of Sir Paul.

Oh man, does that make me even more jazzed!!! I have been really wracking my brain about what is appropriate and honorable enough to present in front of rock royalty. I know The Beatles would ask that we don't wear red tonight. But it is a rock concert, so there are certain style rules that should apply and a style icon to be inspired by:

Kate Moss- queen of glam rock 'n roll style

#1- Wear something you can Twist N Shout (run after Paul) in! We're going to be dancing, singing, jumping up and down, diving into mosh pits...well, maybe not mosh-pit diving, but you never know! We'll still need some height though. (We're both under 5'5" after all.) Wedge heels? Maybe ankle booties? Platforms? Flats just won't cut it.

#2- Don't wear anything strapless. (For reasons, see second sentence, Rule #1)

#3- Bring on the glamour!! It's PAUL! He's seen it all, and, baby, he's been amazed. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't still make an effort. Sequins, shimmer, beads, cocktail jewels are necessary.

#4- But add a little grunge. We're going to a rock concert after all. Tight black jeans, leather, and fringe are permissable.

Here are some of the pieces I've been dreaming about. And the color palette? Ebony and ivory, of course!

American Eagle Festival Vest

J Brand Bombshell Scarlett Cigarette Jeans

Three Dots Striped Scoop Tee

Or substitute this ab glam top and blazer for the tee and vest for a more polished look:

Gryphon The Crochet Sequin Tee

Alexander Wang Relaxed Tuxedo Blazer

Loeffler Randall Fifi Ankle Bootie

As for me, I've been lusting after a pair of 3.1 Phillip Lim leather shorts on sale at Beanie & Cecil...I'd pair them with a white tank, grey suede ankle booties, chain necklaces and a metallic scarf.

I can't wait to see how our outfits and the concert turn out. Stay tuned for a review in about two weeks!

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