Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekend Updates, House Zhushing & Horticouture

Holy smokes. What a weekend! I hope you all had a fun-filled time with friends, family, food and freedom!! That about sums up my holiday and weekend. Two of my oldest and dearest pals stayed at the beach all week and our q.t. did not disappoint! They even got a little edu-ma-cation on #ootd. For those of you who weren't aware and ever felt confused by my Instagram tags, ootd stands for Outfit Of The Day. An example of my 4th OOTD below...


My pals and I get some porch time by night...

And porch time by day!

Even though I live at the beach, I rarely get enough down time to enjoy it for an entire day, much less multiple days in a row! Let me tell you, it was NICE. You can officially certify me a beach bum, red hair and all. 

In the meantime, some awesome things went on around my house. A fabulous vintage Hermes scarf got framed and hung in the kitchen and a new headboard from Circa Who arrived on Friday. This Hermes scarf print, Jeu Des Omnibus, was the original pattern for the 90 cm scarf released way back in 1937. My friends over at Rogue Vintage magically got their hands on it and it could not be more fabulous. (Rogue Vintage is also responsible for my other favorite pattern right now, the dress I'm wearing above!) The headboard delivery, however, was a bit disastrous. The delivery truck was loaded backwards and the entire contents of the truck had to be unloaded on my lawn and driveway. Unfortunately, I somehow deleted the picture of this ridiculousness before downloading it. But there was enough vintage for everyone!

Finally, back to our regularly schedule program. It's time for your arrangement of the week eye candy! Trader Joe's hooked it up yesterday. They had such a cool variety, I had to mix and match. I like to call this Stairway to Color Heaven...or something. Anyway, the arrangement happened to nearly perfectly match one of my favorite paintings. I love how the two play off of each other...

So that's what's up! How was your weekend? It's hard to get back into the routine after so much fun and sun but here's to more good times ahead this summer!


  1. Framed scarf looks amazing!! And lucky girl, looks like a great time at the beach!! And the porch looks familiar, is it the cyc small house?

    1. Good eye (of course!)- that's the Gregory house. And I definitely look forward to cooking more these days. ;)


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