Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Master Bedroom Musings

Now that the new headboard is in place (and the mattress is larger than my old one), I need new bedding! Let me tell you- I have felt pretty darn overwhelmed in my search. While I would love nothing more than crisp white linens folded, tucked and monogrammed with meticulous care, two huge dogs that climb all over all of my furniture and initials that will hopefully change one day (ahem) don't make that the smartest investment. 

Bailey McCarthy design via Rue

via Pinterest

Leontine Linens via Real Simple

No worries- there are plenty of fabulous camouflage duvets, shams and sheets in this big, bad world! But that's what has also made the decision so difficult. So here are my top choices. What do you think? 

Beachy boho? 

Or how about vintage charm? 

Perhaps chinoiserie chic? 

There's graphic goodness...

And sweet girlieness...

And, of course, classic.

And as for sheets...

At the end of the day, I feel like simpler bedding is always better. But there's a fine line between a soothing space and a boring one. What do you suggest? Which style gets your vote?


  1. Obsessed with the Tulu linens from Furbish. The duvet that went with that bedskirt is delish.

    1. That duvet is so fab. I wish the whole sha-bang could work in my bedroom...or maybe it can...hmmmm!


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