Monday, July 15, 2013

Chic In The Heat

Y'all, it's hot. Like walk outside and start sweating in 2 seconds hot. If we all had killer bodies and no modesty, we'd be walking around in nothing but shrouds. So why do designers insist on rolling out their pre-fall pieces now? I'm talking sweatshirts, pants, sweaters, coats! Even worse, why do I feel the urge to buy fall pieces now?? 

It must be wishful thinking. Summer is just getting into full force but I am a girl who likes to have options. That includes the option to wear jeans, cardigans, boots, shorts, swimsuits, sundresses all in one day! Is that too much to ask? 

via La Dolce Vita 

My perfect place must be the desert. In the morning and evening, you need a jacket or sweater. Tanks and shorts in the daytime are a no-brainer and you can wear boots with all of these or not at all. Yes, I'm liking this idea. 

These new Tory Burch pieces scream desert prep to me. I can see Georgia O'Keeffe being drawn to this look if she suddenly felt glamorous. If I wore these pieces, I'd trade out the equestrian style boots for edgier- and taller- booties.

Will any of these pieces get you through the next 100-degree day? Maybe the belt would but that's about it. In the meantime, a girl can daydream and possibly wear a cardigan in the cold indoor air conditioning...

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