Monday, July 22, 2013

Linen Love

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you all had wonderful weekends. Our weekend was a ball with a fun 30th birthday party in Raleigh on Saturday and an overhaul of the bedding in my bedroom on Sunday. You may recall the master bedroom musings here just over a week ago. After lots of searching and virtual decorating, I finally narrowed down my choice- with the help of Neiman Marcus's 25% off bedding sale- and am thrilled with the results.

The goal was to bring in some more color (click here to see the bedding before) and a little bit of pattern. I didn't want the room to be boring but I also didn't want to feel overly stimulated before bedtime. This traditional floral pattern from Williamsburg was a great anchor to the modern, geometric rug and the Chinoiserie-inspired headboard. I love how the garden trellis pattern from the same collection mixes with both the rug and the shams. That great pattern and its colors really tie everything in together, including the sheets! The room feels interesting yet sophisticated to me. One day, I'll probably swap out the rug but I think I'll have all of these other pieces for the long haul. 

There's only oooone more piece left to tackle in the master bedroom. Can you guess?

New nightstands! I have a pair being lacquered as I type and they'll be ready for pick-up soon. I can't wait to get them in here and have a fully functioning bedroom!

photo via Stuff: Vintage

 Thanks for joining me on this lovely linen tour! And if you're missing the outfit posts and clothing I usually post, I'll be back to fashion tomorrow.

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