Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fresh-Faced Five Hundredth

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It's hard to believe but this post marks Savoir-Flair's five hundredth post! Where has the time gone?? When I think back to when this little blog started, it was just a place to store my favorite images and ideas in the midst of under-employment. Now it's a joke amongst friends ("How do you say it again?? Savoo Flay?"), an escape from the daily grind and a way to interact with sassy creative friends that I've never even met! Thank you for joining me on this crazy ride!

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Now, let's get back to business- the business of beauty! Summertime heat calls for more natural beauty enhancement than any other time of year. No one wants to prance around in 100-degree heat with oxblood lips and heavy foundation. In the winter, that look is chic but, in the summer, it's overdone and uncomfortable. Now is the time to break out the tinted moisturizer and keep your skin as clean as possible. I've gathered a collection of some tried and true favs so that we can all look like Blake Lively. Sound good?

Do you have any summer make-up must-haves?

PS- I've recently become obsessed with the Golden Girls concept. If all my girlfriends and I outlive our hubbies, we're moving into a condo together in Palm Beach where we can go antiquing everyday and get our water aerobics on. Care to join us in 50 years?? 


  1. Def sign me up for a Golden Girl spot!

    1. YES!!!!! I'm looking forward to becoming an octogenarian with you.


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