Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What I Want To Wear Now

I hit winter's wall last weekend. It's official- I'm OVER it. The winter blues haven't necessarily set in but my cold weather wardrobe has bored me to tears. Here on the southeastern seaboard, it's still awfully chilly but I can't help but crave a spray tan and a pair of shorts. Maybe that's because my jeans have been squeezing my love handles since September and I'm just plain tired of being pasty.

A pop into our local J.Crew got my wheels turning- a springy sweatshirt might be just the perfect piece to buy now. When the weather warms, it'll be darling with a pair of pastel chinos. But to avoid looking too precious, I'll toughen up the tiny embellishments and pinky pastel with some rustic chambray and just a touch of black leather. Cabachon earrings pick up the iridescence in the sweatshirt's beads. This look makes my heart pitter patter.

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