Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Shots

 It's freezing cold outside but I refuse to ignore the fact that it is indeed spring. We've seen pollen, brighter colors, flowers abloom...all signs indicate a change in season except the weather. Maybe we need to invoke a mind over matter mentality so here are a few shots to get you in the right mindset.

Mixing prints and textures with Troubadour

Penny and her pollen porch

The brightest roses you've ever seen!

Winter clothes banned from the closet

Blooming azaleas

You might be tempted to break out your Easter dress this Sunday even in wintry temps. My vote? Go for it. Pull on a pair of tights and booties and layer your fabulous dress with a tweed jacket. Get the most out of every inch of your wardrobe by cleverly mixing those seasons. Come summer, your dress will still feel brand new because you'll be wearing it in a whole new that hopefully involves espadrille wedges. Oh warm weather, how we long for you.

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