Friday, June 1, 2012

Weekend Uniform

Maybe it's because Part 1 of "Hatfields & McCoys" aired this week that I am feeling the earth-toned uniform look for the weekend. Of course to bring the hootin' and hollerin' style of the 1860s up to speed, this killer street style look serves as yet another point of inspiration. I'll personalize my weekend look by adding a little menswear- a shirt borrowed from my beau and a men's style watch- but I'll keep the leopard, worn in the most un-Konventional way if you know what I mean. (See here if you don't.)

via Pinterest

Do you have fun plans this weekend? My weekend will consist of a flea market perusing, gardening and hitting the Pilates Reformer. Let's get it started! 

Happy weekend to you all!

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