Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday's Look For Less: Printed Shorts

Today's Look for Less is really good steal. Or at least I think so. As we've discussed on this blog a time or two, patterned shorts are H-U-G-E this spring and summer and don't even think for one second that you won't be seeing them with booties this fall and maybe even tights in the winter. As we've also discussed on this blog, I happen to be a bit animal print shy. Despite my trepidations, I was still intrigued with the Tibi cheetah print this year but could hardly justify spending $400 on an animal print blazer. Sorry, Kim K. 

Today, I cheerfully present to you two nearly identical pairs of shorts. Tibi's cheetah print on your left. An imposter on your right. Guess who makes them...

J. freaking Crew! I could hardly believe it when I saw them featured on Net-A-Porter! They remind me so much of the Tibi shorts at 70% less- Tibi's pair rings up at $230. J.Crew's are only $65. 

So I did what anyone would do when happening upon a worthy semi-knock-off- I ordered them! The shorts' fabric is so much nicer than I expected and they are incredibly well-made. Major snaps to J.Crew for excellent quality. Unfortunately, I ordered my normal size (usually I go a size up in shorts because I like them baggy) and they were just too tight for my taste. Hopefully I'll receive the- ahem- larger version soon. 

How would you feel about animal print shorts? Is it a sassy twist on an otherwise humble piece of clothing? Or just a tad too club scene for your taste? Remember ladies, it's all in how you style them! 

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