Monday, June 25, 2012

Cocktail Hour

This weekend, we spent two sweltering evenings outside. Yep, summer has officially arrived and the only ways to cool down are laps in the pool and cold cocktails. While daily dips might not always be possible, an adult beverage each evening should be considered perfectly acceptable. For the finest in concocting tips, it's best to look to the pros- Mrs. Lilien and her Cocktail Swatch Book. This little gem is chock full of guzzling goodness and bar brainstorms. Perusing her book made me realize two things- 1) the bar cart I have been debating is necessary and 2) this house seriously lacks sophisticated barware.

Can you tell I'm ready to throw a party now? Chin-Chin! 


  1. you are making me thirsty, love ;)

    1. Haha- I thought you might like that! Your the bar cart queen after all!


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