Thursday, June 14, 2012

Palm Print

Is it just me or has this world famous wallpaper been all over the place lately? Either we all love the history behind the Beverly Hills Hilton's Martinique wallpaper or someone should start gardening! 

Martinique Wallpaper

As I looked more into Martinique wallpaper, I found that Nikki Hilton actually has it hanging in her own breakfast nook at home. How appropriate! Of course, this nook had to become an outfit when the perfect skirt appeared on Anthropologie...

Target also recently debuted its capsule collection of boutique items, including palm prints from The Webster in Miami. These leafy palm prints scream beach vacation. Have you snapped any up already? 

 Flamingo Print Flutter Sleeve Dress

Wallpaper Print Maxi Dress

Wallpaper Beach Bag

Infant Girls Flamingo Print Dress (sorry, couldn't resist!)

Wallpaper Print Tunic

The revival of an old classic is always fun to see. Some things never go out of style.


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