Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Savvy Skincare Obsession

If you live in the Wilmington area, or even if you don't and you have time to visit, you have to check out the expansive day spa menu and vast array of high quality products available at The Harbour Day Spa and Salon. I had the pleasure of visiting a few weeks ago for a much-needed facial. It was upon this recent visit that I learned of the most amazing skin care line Yon-Ka.

But am I way behind the curve here? Did you all already know about it?

For YEARS I've been using strong cleansers and facial treatments prescribed to me by dermatologists. I have sensitive skin and I thought that my face could only function with the use of said products.

Imagine my delight when my HC esthetician taught me about the therapeutic powers of Yon-Ka. Yon-Ka uses a holistic and natural approach to skincare, which, in turn, has saved my skin. Each product contains natural herbs and fruit extracts. They not only do your skin good but everything smells AH-MAZING.

Because of that fateful trip, the Yon-Ka Gel Nettoyant has become my daily cleanser. I look forward to inhaling the iris and lavender scents every morning and night. (Which, quite frankly, is one more incentive to wash my face when I've already fallen asleep on the couch after a hard day's work.)

Now maybe you have been using toner your whole life, but I found that toners really dried my face out, making it feel tight and turn red...until I started using the Yon-Ka lotion. Don't let the word "lotion" fool you- this goodness is definitely a toner but it lacks alcohol and is infused with lavender, rosemary, geranium and thyme. This product has become a gentle way to balance the pH levels of my skin.

The HC esthetician also applied a very natural sunless tanner to my face. That is something I had NEVER tried for fear of turning orange. But the Yon-Ka self tanning lotion gave me a healthy glow that I just could not get over- it was so natural and made me look refreshed. I highly recommend it, even for skeptics of the facial tanners like me.

Finally, for those of us who suffer from under-eye dryness and are in need of firming, this Phyto-Contour cream is a miracle worker. With rosemary, vitamin E and aloe, applying a dab of this product packs a punch of moisture.

I have yet to purchase every single one of these products- only currently own the cleanser and toner- but I sure have dreamed about them and their amazing benefits. If you haven't tested out Yon-Ka before, I highly recommend it. HC made me a convert and I'm so grateful they did!

PS- Did I mention these products are never tested on animals??!

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