Monday, March 21, 2011

Loving the Look...for Less

If you haven't had the enjoyable opportunity to cruise through the latest issue of Elle Magazine, get to a grocery store/mailbox near you immediately! It is chock full of goodness and inspiration, which led me to put a few fashionable yet more frugal pieces of the puzzle together.

Disclaimer: I do not proclaim that any of these items are cheap. They are just LESS EXPENSIVE than their high end counterparts.

On we go...

Prada's Spring bananas skirt is freakin adorable. Playful, fruity prints are so bright and sunny for spring and summer. But perhaps paying upwards of $700 for a novelty print skirt isn't for you...
Prada via

Feast your eyes on this playful Milly skirt, featured in Elle's "Accessories Guide." While it's not exactly Prada bananas, it's still ba-na-nas, right? It plays up the same color scheme for a whole lot less money- $235 to be exact. Add a striped top to get the mixed patterns look...key for spring.

via Milly

And if you're digging spring's mixed prints, then you're really loving Proenza Schouler's Spring/Summer 2011 collection. Elle's "Fashion Workbook" featured Maryse Thomas in a PS top and skirt (far right). She has the appearance of effortless yet polished and chic professionalism. But the skirt alone costs $1350...

via Elle Magazine

Behold this lovely little frock by Edun. Is it not a dead ringer for a little PS? And at a fraction of the cost- $478. Again, this dress ain't cheap but it's a lot cheaper.

via Shopbop

If mixed prints are too bold and busy for you, then the neutrals of the safari trend might be more your style. Elle featured this Salvatore Ferragamo tunic in an article titled "Primary Season." If you love it, you can either save up $730 or...

via Elle Magazine can try on this Jenni Kayne version for size. At $245, that's more money to put in your savings...right??

via Shopbop

Finally, not featured in Elle but along these same saving lines, I have been loving this 3.1 Phillip Lim necklace from afar. But the one thing that has stopped me from buying is its $225 price tag.

via Shopbop

Today I spotted this Madewell version. It's so similar and only $48. Not bad!

via Shopbop

So maybe these options aren't the cheapest of the cheap but they can at least inspire us all to do a little extra digging when we're stocking up this season. There are lots of goodies to be had! Decide which ones are worth the splurge to you...

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