Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hollywood Ediegency

via Style High Club

I'm having a total Edie Sedgwick moment today. I think I know why...

Michelle Williams Oscar look + the bedroom pictured below = Sedgwick socialite flashback

This photo popped up yesterday on Kate Spade's Tumblr site and it got me inspired to do so many things:
1) Finally repaint my bedroom/upholster that new headboard
2) Shop for the finest handbags and couture gowns (in my dreams)
3) Look for pics of Edie and other Edie-worthy rooms
4) Clean my room ;)

Did anyone see "Factory Girl"? I might be one of only a handful of individuals who actually liked that movie. You already know that I'm a Warhol fan (maybe that's why I liked it so much) but I also thought Sienna Miller did a sensational job as Edie.

Edie Sedgwick via Frillr

Sienna Miller as Edie via paxmachina

The featured bedroom also reminds me of another famous New Yorker's home away from home...the one and only Carrie Bradshaw. When Carrie escaped to Paris with Aleksander, they stayed in the famed luxury hotel Hotel Plaza Athenee. I kid you not- the hotel offers a "Sex and the City" package.

Carrie's room via TripAdvisor

A few more rooms I could see Edie in...

via Vintage Floozy

via Houzz

Some of you may have been totally uninspired by the Oscars but, in a backhanded way, they've inspired me to push for the mirrored vanity and new headboard...


  1. Loved Factory Girl, Edie (Sienna Miller), and her style so chic. These are all great bedrooms and I am working on a client's bedroom so thanks for the inspiration and good luck with your list...sounds fun!

  2. Thanks, Elizabeth! Are you going to the Vermillion fashion show tomorrow? I'll have to miss it but I hope you do a post about it!


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