Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Happy Almost New Year! Hope you all have had wonderful holidays and that you do exactly what you want to do tonight and tomorrow!! Before we skip forward to all the fun that 2014 has in store, I wanted to reflect on your favorite posts in 2013!

Apparently I'm not the only one who feels overwhelmed by bra shopping!!

Gotta love a good lily. 


Pics from one of my absolute most favorite events of the year!

We have a wild side! 

And if you're wondering what my plans are, I am working on New Year's Eve!! Sadly, it must be done but don't fret- a little NYE glamour has made its way into the office today...

 My beau and I plan to make this a relaxed evening after our whirlwind trip across Eastern North Carolina and the South Eastern Conference (aka NC --> TX). We had such a great time with everyone and wish the visits had not flown by so fast. Once we got home, it was back to the grind at work followed by some tough family stuff. For those reasons, you can find us a little closer to home and a little more reflective in the upcoming year. But I think we are right where we need to be. 

Here's to health and happiness for all in the new year!!  


  1. Your sweatshirt looks so cute!! I am considering the blue color on sale at J Crew....does it fit true to size or is it big? Happy New Year!! Sissy

  2. Hope you picked up your sweatshirt, Sissy! xo


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