Monday, June 24, 2013

Arrangement Of The Week: Calla Lilies And Improvisation

Hello, everyone! I hope you all had lovely weekends. I spent part of Sunday at Trader Joe's and came home with three bunches of tall and slender calla lilies. Thinking that would be more than enough, I put all three bunches in a clear cylindrical vase hoping it would highlight their long, graceful lines. However, when I put the stems in the vase, I realized I needed at least two more bunches.  

Floral fail. At $6 a bunch, I wasn't about to just go buy more.

It was time to improvise. After digging through every cabinet and my sideboard, I felt like the best bet was a champagne flute. In fact, my champagne flutes have a really similar shape to the lilies themselves. Hmmm...

To start, slip as many stems as will fit into the slender section of the flute. Cut the remaining blooms to gradually build up the bouquet from the outside in. 

And then voila! 

Champagne and lilies! I can't think of a better combination. Will you try this arrangement in your home? 


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