Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Vacationland Look

The print. The shorts length. The shades. The blazer. J'adore this new look from J.Crew. Bonus: the name of this print is "Vacationland." Is J.Crew playing mind tricks on me? They must feel my summer fever. 

Seriously, here's why I really love this look. It's sophisticated yet interesting, casual yet versatile. Keep the blazer and pumps on and you could get away with it in the office. Lose the blazer and you have a cute top and shorts for Sunday brunch. 

 Wear the shirt unbuttoned low with a printed pant and you have an eclectic outfit for a night out. 

Or wear the shorts with a tee and stroll in the farmer's market. 

And it goes without saying, wear the blazer with everything. 

(see less expensive but similar option here)

And in case you're thinking, how can I possibly afford all of these goodies? Good news- J.Crew is offering 30% off all purchases with code THEBEST.

Go forth and shop! And then go on vacation or to work or running errands.

***Post-Post Alert***
After writing this post, I realized that J.Crew only has the Vacationland blouse in size 16. If you need other sizing options, please visit Net-A-Porter for more. Luckily they carry the same top in a greater variety of least for now!

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