Monday, June 10, 2013

Arrangement of the Week

Hello, everyone! I hope you all had lovely weekends. I spent part of mine at our downtown Farmer's Market gearing up for the next Arrangement of the Week post! (Can I come up with a better name? I think so.) 

Last week's kale and hydrangea bouquet kicked off this new series. This week, I went local with some sunflowers grown "up the road a piece" in Ivanhoe, NC. With inspiration from The Flower Recipe Book, I put together what I would call an asymmetrical boho chic arrangement. It's a cheerful, eclectic mix of blooms I haven't seen together before now and is certainly a departure from the tailored and girlie peony bouquets we see so much of this time of year. Perhaps this would be a good centerpiece for a Father's Day cookout?

Here's what you'll need:
5 branches of greenery- I cut camellia branches
2 allium stems
3 sunflowers
2 cyclamen
rosemary sprigs optional
colorful vase to complement the color scheme

Begin by placing your greenery branches. Mine weren't tall enough for the vase so I wrapped the ends with floral wire to keep them from sinking into the water.

Cut your allium stems so that one rests on the lip of the vase and the other an inch or so above it. 

Place two sunflowers on one side of the vase and one sunflower on the opposite side. The two sunflowers should be cut like the allium so that one bloom rests on the edge of the vase. The lone sunflower should rise above the other blooms so keep its stem a bit longer.

Add cyclamen blooms on the side with the two sunflowers. Again, these stems may be too short so wrap them with greenery wire to keep them from sinking. Make sure the stems can reach the water. 

When the arrangement was finished, I still felt like it was missing some texture so I added a few sprigs of rosemary. I like this extra dose of the unexpected. I wish you could smell this bouquet because it is so fresh and summery. 

I like that this arrangement doesn't have your typical girlie feel. It's unexpected, fun and carefree. Could you use it while you celebrate your dad or husband this weekend? 

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